Chris Squire – In Remembrance

Chris Squire is a name when said in bass guitar circles generally gets a head nod or a gesture that represents greatness. He helped set the standard and throaty sound for bass guitars in progressive rock, metal, rock and roll and other genres. He was instrumental in getting the bass guitar from being a pocket instrument that was meant to carry the rhythm to bringing it to the forefront, allowing the bass to be part of the melodic process.

Chris Squire and YES

Chris Squire and Jon Anderson formed yes over 47 years ago. Chris, AKA “Fish”, was the only member of YES to play his part in the band consistently throughout those years. If you’ve been to a YES show, you know it’s more than a rock show or a progressive rock band playing their greatest hits. It’s more a spiritual experience than any other band that is out there. The way YES can lift you emotionally at a live show is like a southern revival to be matched by none.

Billy Sherwood will be filling the huge shoes of Chris Squire to complete the current YES tour. Seeing Chris Squire on stage is witnessing the presence of greatness. You’ll never see a man happier to be playing the bass guitar to his fans. For the near 3 hour set, he wears a smile for almost all of it.

A Personal Memory of Chris Squire & YES

When my wife and I were deciding on the details of our wedding planning almost 2 years ago, the song my wife chose to walk down the aisle to was “I’ve Seen All Good People”, specifically the march tempo before the first verse. I’ve been a music fan of all genres for over 3 decades, and only YES seemed the right choice to be part of our nuptials. Friends and fans across the world have similar stories of how the band has touched their life in a positive way.

Chris Squire – Rest In Peace

This morning, June 28, 2015, Chris lost his long battle with Leukemia. So, at this time of sadness, we bid you good night Chris Squire. You’ve inspired many to create music. You’ve pushed boundaries and opened new worlds for music. You have touched many lives with the talent and love of music you’ve shared with us all.

Chris Squire – 1948 – 2015