John Entwistle – The WHO – Won’t Get Fooled Again Isolated Bass

John Entwistle was a master of filling space without taking over a song. In “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, he uses space as well as fills to fill voids like no other bass player could have, in his time – or ours.

Entwistle got the nickname “The Ox” because of his strong constitution and his ability to “Eat, drink or do more than” anyone. Even though Keith Moon was the wild one outwardly, Entwistle seemed to quietly outdo them all. He got the nickname “Thunderfingers” because this fingers became a blur while he was playing. Bill Wyman of The Rolling Stones said he was “the quietest man in private but the loudest man on stage”.

Won’t Get Fooled Again Isolated Bass – Song History

Pete Townshend originally wrote “Won’t Get Fooled Again” for a rock opera called “Lifehouse” that never got off the ground. “Won’t Get Fooled Again” was first released as a single A-side on June 25, 1971, edited down to 3:35. The full-length version of the song is the last track of Who’s Next, (US release August 14, 1971 & UK release August 27, 1971) where it sat at #1 on the album charts in both countries.

Won’t Get Fooled Again – Bass Gear List

To record “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, John Entwistle used the following gear:

  • 1965–69 Gibson Thunderbird IV bass (“Non-Reverse”-style)
  • One Sunn Coliseum Lead Head
  • One Sunn Coliseum Bass Head
  • Two Sunn 412L 4×12 cabinets or one Sunn with one Hiwatt SE4123 4×12 cabinet
  • Two Sunn 1×18 cabinets

John Entwistle Won't Get Fooled Again

Won’t Get Fooled Again – Bass Tablature

Won’t Get Fooled Again has a lot of start, stop, fill, and wait type of playing. It’s very rhythmic, yet not an easy one. Listening to the song in full, it may sound easy, yet pulling the pieces apart, it’s mind blowing. Check out’s bass tab here.

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