Orion Isolated Bass Track – Cliff Burton – Metallica

The Orion isolated bass track is insane. The song is 8:28 long, but you can listen to the isolated bass track repeatedly and pick up different things every time.

The legend that is Cliff Burton is set in stone. Some Metallica purists feel the only true bass player in Metallica is Cliff – RIP. Jason Neusted and Robert Trujillo are awesome in their own rights, yet following what Cliff Burton did in Metallica is not easy. There was never replacing him or filling his shoes. It was the end of the first era of Metallica and the band did change after his death. Even to the point that Lars got to keep his job.

Orion – Song History

We could bash Lars all day long (honestly we really could) but let get on with it. Orion is the 7th track on Master of Puppets. It is an instrumental and was named after Orion, the constellation because of the spacey sounding bridge. Song writing credits go to James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and most notably, Cliff Burton.

Orion – Bass Gear List

To record “Orion”, Cliff Burton used the following gear:

  • Aria Pro II SB-1000
  • Mesa Boogie D-180 Tube Amplifier
  • Morley PWB Wah Pedal

Cliff Burton Aria Pro II

Orion – Bass Tablature

Orion is loaded with time changes and tempo changes. It’s definitely a challenge, especially with controlling the wah, getting the right tone and mimicking the solo parts. If you’re up to the challenge, Ultimate-Guitar.com has the bass tab here.

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